Why do Purchase Orders in ConnectWise PSA transfer as Bills in QuickBooks Online?

ConnectWise PSA doesn’t sync POs, but syncs packing slips (IE: item receipts).  They add to inventory. QuickBooks Online POs don’t add to inventory, but Bills do.  So syncing ConnectWise PSA purchases to QuickBooks Online as POs would cause the inventory counts to not match between ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online.

The way the ConnectWise PSA expects this to be used is POs and Item Receipts are handled in ConnectWise PSA and then the transactions are synced to the accounting system after the items are received.

To avoid confusion to customers, we do put the PO Number that is in ConnectWise into the Memo field in QuickBooks Online.  (see below)

PO Number > Memo Field

Packing Slip Number > Memo Field

Vendor Invoice Number > Bill Number

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