What details get brought over based on Default, Condensed, or Detailed?

  • Default - This invoice will post with minimal information. The description on the QuickBooks invoice will state Service for any labor billed.
  • Condensed - This invoice will post the following details with the summary information as follows:
    • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for projects - Project name / project phase
    • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for service tickets - Ticket number / summary line
    • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for more than one ticket on an invoice - These will be separated out by ticket number
  • Detailed - This invoice will enable you to carry over the following items in a text-only format:
    • Ticket # [srnumber]
    • Work role [workroledescription]
    • Work type [worktypedescription]
    • Resource [memberfirstandlastname]
    • [srsummary]
    • [time entry notes]
    • Hours (in decimals)
    • Rate (amount x quantity)

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