What details get brought over based on Default, Condensed, or Detailed?

Invoice Export Detail


This invoice will post with minimal information. The description on the QuickBooks invoice will state Service for any labor billed.



This invoice will post the following details with the summary information as follows:

  • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for projects - Project name / project phase
  • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for service tickets - Ticket number / summary line
  • ConnectWise PSA standard invoice for more than one ticket on an invoice 
    • These will be separated out by ticket number



This invoice will enable you to carry over the following items in a text-only format:

NOTE: Internal Notes will batch over if they are marked as billable

  • Ticket # [srnumber]
  • Work role [workroledescription]
  • Work type [worktypedescription]
  • Resource [memberfirstandlastname]
  • [srsummary]
  • [time entry notes]
  • Hours (in decimals)
  • Rate (amount x quantity)



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