How will I know if someone pays in QuickBooks when I'm in ConnectWise PSA?

Synchronizing Invoice Payments

Your typical workflow will include creating invoices in ConnectWise PSA and exporting those invoices to QuickBooks Online. However, when you receive payments from customers, you will use QuickBooks Online to record that the payment was received. Since it is useful to be able to look at an invoice in ConnectWise PSA and know if that invoice has been paid without needing to access QuickBooks Online, Gozynta Mobius will automatically synchronize payments daily by default so that ConnectWise PSA shows you what payments have been made to invoices.

You can view these results in ConnectWise PSA “Invoice Search” screen, by accessing Finance > Invoice Search. Each invoice will have a “Paid Amount” and “Date Paid” field. Note that the “Date Paid” field will only be filled with a date if the invoice was paid in full.

AutoSync is only available for our Standard Plan

Running a Payment Sync

You can also run Payment Sync manually under Run New Batch > Run Payment Sync from the side navigation menu. A pop-up will display for you to choose the QuickBooks Online configuration from which to sync payments and an as-of sync date. Select the QuickBooks Online configuration and date and click OK to initiate the process.

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