Why are my transactions being broken up in different batches?

Batch Transaction Limit

In order to maintain bulk batching, batch sizes are limited to 100 transactions per batch. If a batch is initiated with more than 100 transactions, it will automatically be broken up into multiple batches of 100 transactions per batch. In this case, the Batch Status will read “Split Batch” with an appended time stamp. The Split Batch task will spawn as many additional batches as necessary until all selected transactions have been processed. You can drill into each additional batch by clicking the link in the Message column. Those batches will look the same as in the aforementioned sections.

Assigning the Batch ID

Each transaction will become its own individual batch, which allows for an easier workflow process if you ever need to unbatch a single transaction post-batch. As a result, the integration will automatically generate an individual BatchID for each transaction. The BatchID format will be YYYY-mm-dd-[I, P, or E][unique identifier]. The unique identifiers are as follows:

  • Invoice        Invoice Number

  • Item Receipt    PO Number

  • Expense        GLRecID & Member Xref

For example, if you have batched Invoice #456, the Batch ID would be 2020-01-01-I456. Likewise, if you have batched Item Receipt #890, the BatchID would be 2020-01-01-P890. Finally, if you have batched Expense #123 for Member “Z Admin”, the BatchID would be 2020-01-01-E123zadmin. 

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