How do I use the Avalara Module?

System Requirements

In order to use the Mobius Connect Avalara Tax Module Add-On, you must have the following on your network and/or your machine(s):

An active subscription to the ConnectWise Avalara integration

An active subscription to the Gozynta Mobius: ConnectWise Manage-QuickBooks Online integration

Internet Access: An Internet connection is required.

Avalara Tax Module

Once you have purchased the Avalara Tax Module Add-On, you will see a new feature called "AvalaraTaxModule" under the "Modules" navigation. This module will be disabled by default.

To enable the module, click on Modules > Avalara TaxModule. Select the "Enabled" checkbox and click "save."

When enabled, this module ignores Tax Codes in Manage and QuickBooks Online. Instead, Sales Tax Lines will transfer into QuickBooks Online as invoice lines. Tax Payable GL Accounts will map through service items. No Tax Codes will be applied to the invoice in QuickBooks Online.  


Validating A Batch


To verify invoices in QuickBooks Online, navigate to Home > Transactions > Sales.

Item Receipts

To verify item receipts in QuickBooks Online, navigate to Home > Transactions > Expenses.

And there you go! It's as easy as that.

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