Gozynta Mobius Feature Releases


Version 1.13

June 2024


Status Task List on Dashboard

  • Instant Error Notifications: If a record (like an invoice) fails to batch, it will immediately show up as an error on your dashboard.
  • Automatic Updates: Once that invoice is successfully batched, it will automatically be removed from the dashboard. No need to sift through batch histories anymore—everything you need is right in front of you.

Enhanced Error Presentation

We have expanded our knowledge base to make error resolution easier. Most known errors will now include a link to their respective knowledge base article. Each article consists of the error, examples if available, clear resolution steps, and most articles include a quick how-to video to walk you through the resolution steps.

Our New Look

Did you notice a change in our Gozynta Mobius logo? We are getting a new look! In the coming weeks, we will be phasing out our old logos to these new, slick logos! Our website will also be getting a makeover, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bug Fixes

  • We've enhanced email settings to support subdomain copy/paste functionality, making it more convenient for you.
  • Fixed error messages related to the Pyconnectwise API, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Corrected a minor spelling issue to improve clarity.
  • Implemented a safeguard to prevent batches from being created on CW if expenses haven't been batched to QBO, preventing potential errors.
  • Resolved an issue where a batch could get hung due to excessively long messages.
  • Linked relevant Knowledge Base articles to known errors, providing you with quick access to solutions.

Version 1.12

September 2023


Effortless Invoice Resending

  • You can now easily resend invoices with this convenient enhancement.
  • Simplifies invoice management for users.

Streamlined “Get Started” with Enhanced Invoice Emails

  • Emailed invoices now include the invoice number in the subject lines of emails.
  • Provides improved tracking and management of invoices.

Payment Processing

  • Revamped "Get Started" button for seamless sign-up with Gozynta Payments.
  • Enhances the user experience for payment processing.

Enhanced Onboarding Task List

  • Upgraded task list for onboarding offers a more intuitive and efficient way to manage the onboarding process.
  • Improved visualization of batch status for users.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced automatic AutoSync disconnects from intermittent ConnectWise API timeouts.
  • QuickBooks Online connections can now be disconnected by Mobius Admins.
  • AutoSync disconnect emails now contain disconnect cause (if possible).
  • Cleaned up legacy task logging for better developer review.
  • Fixed issue with reading ConnectWise lines on very large purchase orders.
  • Fixed exempt tax code bug for US QuickBooks Online locale.
  • Fixed missing icons on the payment sync datepicker.
  • Mobius Admins now require confirmation to disconnect a QuickBooks Online connection.
  • Updated the password reset link for user convenience.

Version 1.11

April 2023


Gozynta Payments Settings

  • Improved clarity in Payments Settings page.
  • Clear instructions on setting up Gozynta Payments.
  • Easy access to pre-filled sign-up email, pricing, and documentation.
  • Seamless experience for users who have already set up Gozynta Payments.

Login Page Redirects

  • Enhanced URL redirects for users with bookmarked version URLs.
  • Ensures users are directed to the most up-to-date page.

Autosync Improvements

  • Autosync module self-disables and notifies users in case of unexpected sync failure.
  • Error handling added for ConnectWise API timeouts.
  • Module only disables when expected, reducing false disablements.

Autosync Email URL Redirects

  • Fixed URL redirection issue in Autosync module emails.
  • Links now correctly redirect even for unauthenticated users.

White Labeling with Company Logo

  • Option to omit a company logo for Gozynta Payments emails.
  • Recommended to add a company logo for branding and recognition.

QuickBooks Online Character Limit Handling

  • Truncation of long strings to 21 characters to accommodate QuickBooks Online's character limit.

COGS Knowledgebase Link

  • Fixed broken knowledgebase link for cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • Updated link for users interested in GL Mappings.

Bug Fixes

  • New accounts missing the Autosync Module.
  • Issue with a specific QuickBooks Online error requiring backend reset.
  • ConnectWise API error causing issues with company lookup in QuickBooks Online.
  • User-friendly messaging when a token expires.
  • Branding consistency issues fixed.
  • Backend issues resolved regarding subscription changes.
  • Customer downgrades in QuickBooks Online now trigger re-sign in for Mobius.
  • Autosync not working for customers experiencing a specific timeout error.

Version 1.10

January 2023


Gozynta Payments Now Available

  • White-labeled payment tool for MSPs.
  • Email invoices come from your email address, enhancing security.
  • Access Gozynta Payments from inside Mobius on Payment Settings setup page.

Better Log-in Experience

  • Improved log-in experience with future support for MFA and SSO.

Access to W-9 from Mobius

  • Easily access the W-9 during tax season from the Billing page.

Continued Improvement of Customer Experience

  • Complimentary Software Support Call: Up to half an hour of screen-sharing support.
  • Included Onboardings: Standard Onboarding for structured setup and confidence in financials.
  • Released Multi-currency support for Purchase Orders.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug: Missing Autosync Module for New Accounts
  • Fixed Issue: Quickbooks Online Error Message Correction
  • Fixed User Guide Link and Knowledge Base Link
  • Fixed Quickbooks Online Unauthorized User Error
  • Workaround for CW API Error
  • User-Friendly Messaging for Token Expiry
  • Branding Consistency Fixes
  • Backend Issue Fixes for Subscription Changes
  • Issue with Customer Downgrading QuickBooks Online Account
  • Autosync Issue Resolution for Specific Timeout Error

Version 1.9

September 2022


Payments Email Resend Option

  • Partners using Gozynta Payments can now resend payment emails to customers.
  • Provides the flexibility to re-send payment requests to customers easily.

Bug Fixes

  • Tax Code Mappings Bug Resolved
  • Purchase Order Tax Code Resolution
  • Guard User from Conflicting Tax Settings
  • Improved Error Messages
  • 500 Error Page Fix

Version 1.8

July 2022


Introduction of Gozynta Payments, a new option for accepting payments from customers.

  • Streamlines invoice sending from ConnectWise Manage with an easy-to-use payment link.
  • All payment-related emails come from your MSP's domain name.
  • Payment link is branded with your logo and attached to a PDF version of your ConnectWise Manage invoice.
  • Customers can pay via credit card or ACH.
  • Completed payments sync to QuickBooks Online.
  • Available to Mobius Standard users registered with the payment processor.
  • Learn more at Gozynta Payments.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated GL warning message for clarity.
  • Partner's company logo on the invoice email not displaying after logo change.
  • Fixed error message with incorrect knowledge base article.

Version 1.7

February 2022


New Partnership with Stride

  • Partnering with Stride for outsourced accounting.
  • A one-hour complimentary strategic assessment with Stride.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed support for ConnectWise Member Impersonation authentication.
  • Improved Inventory start date settings in Mobius.
  • Email Invoice feature now includes invoice CC email addresses from Manage.
  • Stopped syncing the email address field on invoices to QuickBooks Online.
  • Item missing necessary GL account will now update the Item instead of showing an error.
  • Fixed Explicit Tax Mapping bug.
  • Fixed bug with DKIM settings for adding a domain.
  • Fixed bug marking finished with a warning as an unsuccessful transaction.
  • Fixed bug preventing free accounts from updating the credit card on file.
  • Fixed bug for non-US QuickBooks Online connections regarding taxable POs.
  • Updated error message for "Failed to create a Vendor" with correct Knowledge Base article.
  • Updated error message for "Creating member if necessary" with correct Knowledge Base article.
  • Improved tax code error message clarity.
  • Showing ConnectWise API member in user account configuration for easier troubleshooting.

Version 1.6

December 2021


New Suggestion Board

  • Centralized feature request board.
  • Create, comment, and upvote feature requests.
  • Accessible directly from Mobius.

Email Invoices from Mobius

  • Send email invoices to customers.
  • Checkbox option during batch process.
  • Set up Email Preferences in Mobius.

Skip Attachments Option

  • Option to skip attachments when syncing invoices.

"Bill To" Prioritization

  • Prioritize "Bill To" email address over QuickBooks Online.
  • Overrides only at the invoice level.
  • Update "Bill To" email address in ConnectWise.

Bug Fixes

  • Stuck on Billing Page
  • Show Record Creation Status
  • Sync Currency Symbol
  • Aggregate ConnectWise Expenses
  • Credit Memos Removal Bug
  • Configuration Changes Bug
  • "Please Wait" Screen Bug
  • Update GL Mapping Error Message
  • Typo in Error Message
  • GL Account Not Specified Error
  • Payment Auto-Sync for New Accounts
  • Update Credit Card on File
  • Unsupported Unicode Character Error
  • Case Sensitivity Logic Bug
  • Expense Attachment Fetching Bug
  • Date Formatting Error Message

Version 1.5

October 2021


Additional Fields Synced

  • Now syncing more fields from ConnectWise invoices to QuickBooks Online.
  • Syncing Customer PO, Sales Rep, and Reference fields.
  • Displayed on the "Message on Invoice" field on QuickBooks Online invoices.

In-App Release Notes Pop-up

  • Users will receive pop-up notifications of release notes within Gozynta Mobius after account upgrades.
  • Enhances user awareness of changes to their account.

Unique Batch IDs

  • Updated batch IDs to include a UUID for increased uniqueness.

Bug Fixes

  • Quickbooks Online DocNumber Limitation
  • OAuth1 Expiration Logic Removal
  • Standardized Call to Action
  • Credit Memo Error Message Fix
  • Invoice Details Processing Bug Fix
  • More Errors with Knowledge Base Articles
  • CW API Validation Improvement
  • Redirection Bug Fix
  • AutoSync Failure Bug Fix
  • Default Setting Change
  • AutoSync Email Error Bug Fix
  • Quickbooks Online Connection Bug Fix
  • AR Invoice/Credit Memo Validation Message Fix
  • Attachment Upload Bug Fix
  • Quickbooks Online Configuration Bug Fix
  • Internal Expenses Bug Fix
  • Memo Rate Calculation Bug Fix
  • AutoSync Email Bug Fix
  • Subscription Update Timing Fix

Version 1.4

June 2021


Accounting Package Validation

  • Introduced validation to warn users if their accounting package setup is incorrect.
  • Ensures data received from ConnectWise Manage meets requirements.
  • [Security role update required.]
  • Support article available for more information.

ConnectWise Manage API Version Update

  • Updated API version to work with v2020.4 and above.
  • Users on v2020.3 or lower must upgrade to enjoy new updates and feature releases.
  • New signups require ConnectWise Manage v2020.4 or higher.
  • Recommended upgrading to the latest ConnectWise Manage release.

Member Impersonation Authentication Deprecated

  • Deprecated Member Impersonation authentication for ConnectWise Manage connections.
  • Encouraged switching to APIKey Authentication method.
  • Support article provided for guidance on setting up custom security roles and authentication.

AutoSync Warning Notifications

  • Implemented warning notifications to enhance transparency during batch processing.
  • GL Account Warning and other warnings will be emailed to users.
  • Emails include a link to the batch with warnings for easy access.

ConnectWise Manage Invoice as PDF in QuickBooks Online

  • Added ConnectWise Manage Invoice as a PDF attachment in QuickBooks Online invoices.
  • Provides a permanent record in QuickBooks for invoices sent to customers.

Procurement/Inventory UOM Update

  • Updated integration to read Unit Of Measure (UOM) from ConnectWise Manage to QuickBooks Online.
  • [Security role update required.]
  • Resolves discrepancies in quantities when purchasing items with different UOMs.

Expense Attachment Import for Service Tickets

  • Enabled importing attachments for expenses on service tickets.
  • [Security role update required.]
  • Improved functionality with custom security role updates.

Prevent Reconnecting to Wrong QuickBooks Company

  • Implemented a safeguard to prevent accidental reconnection to the wrong QuickBooks company.
  • Users will be prompted to confirm the switch if reconnecting to a different company.

Bug Fixes

  • Initial Quantity On Hand Fix
  • Payment Sync Location Change
  • Update Plan Fix
  • Spelling and Message Fixes
  • Password Change Error Fix
  • Automatic Payment Sync Fix
  • Additional Fixes

Version 1.3

May 2021


Transfer Approved Expenses

  • Introduced an option to transfer only approved expenses from Manage to QuickBooks.
  • Unapproved expenses are no longer batched over by default unless chosen.

Transfer Expense Attachments

  • Enabled the transfer of ConnectWise expense attachments to QuickBooks Online.
  • Requires custom security role updates for attachment permissions.

AutoSync Configuration Notifications

  • Allows users to select who receives notifications in AutoSync settings.
  • Enhances control over email notifications in case of errors.

GL Mapping by Account Number

  • Added the ability to map GL by Account Number, in addition to Account Name.
  • Provides more flexibility in mapping accounts.

GL Sub-accounts by Number

  • Enables mapping of Manage accounts to Sub-accounts in QuickBooks Online using Account Numbers.
  • Supports up to 5 levels of sub-accounts.

Improved Error Messaging

  • Error messages now include links to helpful articles for faster issue resolution.

Transaction Line GL Account Warning

  • Warns users when an invoice line's GL account differs from what ConnectWise specifies.
  • Helps prevent discrepancies between GL accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • No Customer on Internal Expenses
  • Payment Sync Credit Handling
  • Fixed Credit Memo Logic
  • Improved Security
  • Unique Vendor Invoice Numbers
  • Payments without Invoice Numbers
  • Issue with Reading Invoices
  • Customer/Vendor/Member Usages
  • AutoSync Error Handling
  • Legacy Product Mapping
  • Tax Level Mapping Fix
  • Service Item Mapping Fix
  • Missing Purchase Dates Fix
  • Avalara Batch Processing Fix
  • Tax Mapping Error Fix
  • Split Batch Date Fix
  • Tax Override Fix
  • Mobile Device Button Access Fix
  • Whitespace Integration Error Fix
  • Agreement Product Line Fix
  • Connection Name Length Limit Fix

Version 1.2

November 2020


Enter Reimbursable Expenses as Bills

  • Introduced the ability to enter reimbursable expenses as bills.
  • Works with "Expenses as Bill" feature turned OFF in ConnectWise Manage.
  • Simplifies the transfer of both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.

Sync Billing Term With End Of Month

Enhanced integration by allowing Billing Terms with End of Month in QuickBooks Online.

  • No longer pushes Due Days value for Billing terms, ensuring compatibility with End of Month settings.
  • Provides notifications if Billing Term Due Date in QuickBooks Online and ConnectWise invoice Due Date don't match.

Track Expenses and Items By Customer

  • Utilizes QuickBooks Online's setting to track expenses and items by customer.
  • Populates the customer column in expense transaction details.

Track your Batch Status

  • Added a convenient way to check batch statuses.
  • Access batch statuses through "Review existing batch."
  • Statuses include Started, Finished, Finished with Error.

Avalara Tax Module Renamed

  • Renamed Avalara tax section to Taxes as Line items.
  • This change is cosmetic and does not affect functionality.

Improvements with Tax Mapping

  • Configuration Dashboard now indicates if Tax mapping is Implicit or Explicit.
  • Renamed Avalara tax option to "Taxes as line items."

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling of Payment Sync with missing invoices
  • Implicit Tax Mapping Warning

Version 1.1

September 2020


Improved Data Mappings

  • Enhanced handling of invoices without any lines.
    • Automatically mark $0 invoices as batched.
    • User-friendly task log notification for invoices with no lines.
  • Support for applying Credit Memos.
    • Streamlined handling of credit memos from Manage to QuickBooks Online.
    • Improved payment sync for accuracy.
  • Utilize the dateEnd from expense reports as the date of expense entries.
    • Simplified payee assignment for non-reimbursable expenses.
  • Added unique identifier to batch_id for ensuring uniqueness in inventory.
    • Robust support for taxes on Purchase Orders (POs).
  • Warning for item creation without a COGS account.
    • Improved error messages for easier troubleshooting.
  • More complete invoice details:
    • Synchronize CW invoice Reference field to QuickBooks invoice notes.
    • Enhanced line descriptions for discount invoice lines.
    • Improved Product ID usage in GL Mapping for Deferred Revenue lines.

Platform Improvements

  • Better Unicode support throughout the application.
  • Container-based hosting for enhanced security, performance, and reliability.
  • Transition from SOAP API to ConnectWise REST API.
  • Enhanced backend logging for proactive error resolution.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to taxes in QuickBooks (US only).
  • Batch data view in task log for data analysis.

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