Multi-Company Setup in Mobius


To set up the Multi-Company feature, you will need to be on the Gozynta Mobius Standard plan.

You can have one ConnectWise PSA instance go to different QuickBooks Online accounts with multi-company. This does not support more than one ConnectWise PSA connection. This will only apply to multi-company on the QuickBooks side.  

If you have the Standard Version, You can add another company to your Mobius account under the Setup QuickBooks Online tab>>Add New Company.

How to set it up

To set up a new company, navigate to the setup QuickBooks Online tab>> Select add new company>> After signing in, select the QuickBooks Online Company for this configuration. Finally, click to Authorize the Connection.

How do the Company and Location need to be set up in ConnectWise PSA for this to work?

When creating a new invoice in ConnectWise PSA, select the location and company on the new agreement screen.

How to set up AutoSync for each QuickBooks Online to sync the right data

Once the new Companie(s) has been added, you will need to change the Connectwise PSA location by navigating to the Company tab and changing the default location. This will allow auto-sync to sync transactions to the correct location.

How to sync a batch 

When Syncing a batch, select the location and QuickBooks Online company you need the invoices to be synced to, before running a new batch.

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