Configuration of QuickBooks Online Login

If you already have a full admin account in your QuickBooks Online Company then you can skip this article. If you have not yet set up a user to log into Mobius, please follow the below steps on how to configure your QuickBooks Online user to connect to Mobius.

Important Note: If you are changing to a new QuickBooks Online Company know that you will need to delete the old QuickBooks Online Configuration and then sign in to the new QuickBooks Online Company. Doing this will remove all QuickBooks Online Setup. You will need to return to the article QuickBooks Online Setup Options.

In order to allow the integration to successfully access QuickBooks Online, you will need to configure User Permissions within QuickBooks Online for the integration user account. The user needs to be an admin for this connection. 

Note: You can create a user specifically for this connection if you choose to. This is not required, but some of our partners do like to have a separate account for the integration.

  1. For this first step, you will need to make sure the account you wish to use to connect to Mobius and QuickBooks online is a full admin. In QuickBooks Online go to Settings > ConnectWise PSA Users > Add User.
  2. In the screen that opens you will want to select the user's role as Company Admin. Be sure to not select any of the options under "These don't count towards your user limit". If you select any of these you will not have the permission needed to sync your data. Then click Next.
  3. In this next screen, you will want to enter the user's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Then click Save.

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