How to set up my Ticket Creation Number?

After successfully configuring your ConnectWise PSA Connection and establishing your Sync Configuration values, a Ticket Creation number will be provisioned. You will be prompted to review the number and optionally change it if necessary. Please note: After the initial onboarding, your Tixt number can be changed from the side navigation under Configurations > Tixt Number. 

Your Ticket Creation Number is the phone number that you give to your clients. The integration will attempt to provision a number closest to the Phone Number or Postal Code provided at signup. If you are not satisfied with the area code or the provisioned number, enter a preferred area code and/or click Refresh to obtain a new set of numbers to choose from. If you see a number you prefer in the list of numbers, click to highlight the number. Otherwise just click “Next” to complete the configuration section of the onboarding process.

Please note that if you change your Ticket number, there is no guarantee that you will be able to retrieve a previous Tixt number if you change your mind.

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