Gozynta Mobius Payment Sync Configuration

Automatically Sync Your Payments

Payment Sync is located under the AutoSync Module and allows you to enable/disable the automatic payment sync.

Automatic Payment Sync: If enabled, payments collected in QuickBooks Online will be automatically synced to ConnectWise PSA based on the time frame you have entered (default is 120 mins). If an error occurs during payment sync the payment will need to be fixed, then the sync will need to be rerun manually for the date range of the failed payment. 

Email Notification if Error occurs: If Automatic Payment Sync is enabled, an error email will be sent out notifying of the failure and will include a link that will rerun the payment sync. 

How to Use the Payment AutoSync Module

Step 1

     Click the Enabled button to begin using Payment Sync.

Step 2

    Choose how often transactions should automatically sync over to QuickBooks Online (default is 120 mins). 

Step 3

    Check Sync Payments

Step 4

   Click Save and Close to save your changes.

Manual Payment Sync

Step 1

     Click "Run Payment Sync" in the left navigation menu

Step 2

    Select a start date (Note: We do not recommend backdating your payment sync. The Sync Start Date preloads with the last date and time the sync was ran)

Step 3

    Check Submit

Important Information Regarding Payments and Credit Memos

See the following article on important information on how Gozynta Mobius handles Payments and Credit Memos.

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