Gozynta Mobius Purchases Configuration


The Purchases tab stores AP related options for transactions transferred into QuickBooks Online.

Display UOM: If enabled, unit of measure will be appended to transaction detail description field for products and services.

Enter Reimbursable Expenses as Bills: To enable this in your company turn OFF the "Expenses as Bill" setting in ConnectWise PSA under your accounting package, and then turn ON the "Enter Reimbursable Expenses a Bills" in Mobius. This is our recommended configuration!

Sync Unapproved Expenses: By default unapproved expenses in ConnectWise PSA will not be batched into Quick. If you wish to have unapproved expenses batched into Quickbooks Online then all you will need to do is enable "Sync Unapproved expenses".


Vendor Invoice Date Source: This source of “Bill date” to be used when creating ConnectWise PSA Item Receipts as Bills in QuickBooks Online. In this drop down you have three choices to choose from. You can choose which ever one fits your needs best. 

Document Date: This date is pulled from the date the PO is first closed. NOTE: Opening and re-closing the PO does not change this date. 

Vendor Invoice Date: This date is pulled from the "Vendor Invoice Date" entry on the purchase order.

Purchase Date: This date is pulled from "PO Date" entry on the purchase order.

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