Gozynta Mobius Company Configuration

NOTE: Multi-Company Support is not available in the Free version.


The Company tab stores some low-level options for the configuration.

  • Name: A name that represents the QuickBooks Online Company this configuration connects to. The name is used across the integration when selecting a configuration. If using more than one QuickBooks Online company, you should set a name to help you differentiate.

  • Default Configuration: The configuration that will be used as the default when creating new batches. There can be only one at a time. When you change a default configuration, any other default will no longer be the default configuration.

Default ConnectWise Manage Location: Default Manage Location allows you to switch between which Manage billing location this configuration defaults to on the batching interface. You can select All or you can choose an individual location. This will filter transactions on the interface and is useful if you require certain billing locations to transfer to certain QuickBooks Online companies.

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