QueryParserError: Invalid content. Lexical error


QueryParserError: Invalid content. Lexical error at line 1, column 59. Encountered: "\u2013" (8211) after "Example "


This error is caused by a unicode character in your data that isn't accepted by the QuickBooks Online API. 


If we have a company named "Example – Company".  The dash character in this company name is not the same as the minus sign you would type with your keyboard (Unicode: U+002D), instead it's the En dash character (Unicode: U+2013).  This would be similar to copying an emoji character into the company name.  QuickBooks isn't set up to handle these characters, so they must be removed from the data we send to QuickBooks.


If there's enough information in the error to identify the field that's causing the error, then edit that field in ConnectWise PSA, and re-type the data in that field.  It's very important that you retype it, do not copy and paste.  (the invalid character that's causing the error probably got into ConnectWise PSA, in the first place by copy and paste).

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