Payments Setup

We have payments! Yay! We now have the ability for you to accept customer payments by credit card or ACH. 

To utilize payments you will need to have a few things set up in your Mobius account. 

The first thing you will need to do is email our support team at to apply with our payment processor so you can begin to receive payments.

Step 1: First you will need to set up your email settings in Mobius. You will not be able to use Gozynta Payments until your email settings are complete. To set up your email settings, please follow the steps in this linked article:

 How to Configure Your Email Preferences for Invoice Emailing

Step 2: Once you are approved by our payment processor they will send your Payment keys to our support department, then our support team will enter those keys into your Mobius account payment settings.

Step 3: Once you are informed that your Payment Gateway settings have been configured you will need to finish setting up payments for your use.
Go to "Set up QuickBooks Online", then under the sales tab, you are going to need to select the QuickBooks Online account that you wish to have payments deposited into. Best practices to avoid any confusion when receiving funds is to have a new account created as a clearing account for your credit card payments however, you could also have the deposit account be Undeposited Funds, which is an already created account.  Then click Save & Close at the bottom of the screen to save your settings.

Step 4: When Email and Payment settings are configured, the "Invoice Sending" to Customers option will allow you to choose between "Email Invoices" and "Email and Request Payment".

Step 5: To enable Email and Request Payments setting for AutoSync, go to "Set Up QuickBooks Online". Then Go to the Company Tab and select "Email and Request Payment" as the Invoice Sending option from the drop-down menu. Select Save & Close.

If you were to look at your batch after you started a sync you will also see the "Sending Invoice Email"  task in the batch. This is how you will be able to see if your email was sent successfully.

When your customers receive the email it will come from your domain. In this email, they will see the ConnectWise PSA invoice as an attachment, and a link to make their payment.

Once they click the "Pay Now" button it will open a payment window on their browser where they can choose to may a payment by either Credit Card or ACH.

When a payment is made confirmation is displayed.

Demo Video:

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