How do I Respond to a Ticket?

Once the ticket has been created in ConnectWise PSA, either by text message or you have manually linked an existing ticket, then Tixt will “listen” for updates until the ticket has been closed in ConnectWise PSA. While the ticket is open, SMS text messages sent by your customer will be appended to the ConnectWise PSA ticket as Discussion Notes, and Notes added to the ticket from within ConnectWise PSA by your technician(s) will be sent to the customer as SMS text messages.

Respond via ConnectWise PSA

To respond to a support request from within ConnectWise PSA, you will need to add a Note to the ticket. Navigate to the service ticket in ConnectWise PSA, find the Notes pod, and click the New Note button to create a new note on the ticket. 

Then you can choose the contact under Send Notes as Tixt pod.  By default, the contact who texted you will be selected.  However, if you are moving a ticket to text messages you will need to check the box for the contact and any resources that you want to have notified by text message, :

When the note is saved, it will be captured by Tixt and sent to your customer via SMS text message. (Please note that this will work with Closed Loop for time entries as well; so, you may not see the Note icon, but rather the Clock icon.)

Tixt will synchronize all ticket Notes and text messages at every endpoint. That is to say, when a Note is added to the ticket, that note will be sent via SMS to the ticket contact and every resource and/or Cc’d contact enabled in the Send Notes as Tixt pod. There are only 2 exceptions: (1) Ticket Notes added by the Email Connector, and (2) Notes marked as “Internal”. These entries will not be sent to the client over SMS.

You can also send email notifications in addition to sending a text by navigating to Send Notes as Email pod and selecting the checkbox for the contact:

Respond via Text

When a text message is received from the ticket Contact, or any Resource or Cc’d contact, that message will be added to the ticket as a Discussion Note and will also be sent via SMS to every other recipient listed on the Send Notes as Tixt pod. Please note that the initial response will need to come from ConnectWise PSA in order to create the conversation thread on your technicians’ phones. Once the conversation thread includes your technician(s), your technician(s) will be able to respond via text as well.

What the Ticket Contact sees:

What the Resource sees:

What appears in ConnectWise PSA:

Messages as Discussion Notes:

And Images as attachments:

NOTE: You can move the conversation off of text messaging at any time by unchecking the contact under Send notes as Tixt box.

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