How to Add a New Ticket

Creating a new ticket using Text

With respect to the rules, every SMS text received at your Ticket Creation Number will create a new Service Ticket on the Service Board that you set in your Sync Configuration. 

Please note our SMS provider uses the standard practice of reserving specific keywords to allow users to control their communication preferences. For example, if a partner send just the word "HELP" to your Ticket Creation Number, the provider will prevent the ticket from being created. Likewise, if the user sends just the word "STOP", then the client will no longer receive future SMS messages. For a full list of these keywords, please click here

When the ticket is created in ConnectWise PSA, the customer will automatically receive a confirmation text message stating that the request has been received and informing them of the ticket number. Please note that this confirmation text will come from a different phone number. That new number is the unique identifier of the conversation. Since a text cannot include a ticket number in a subject line like an email can, Tixt is unable to put the ticket number in a subject. By using this new number, the conversation now has a unique key that allows Tixt to identify the correct conversation to the corresponding ticket. It also allows the client to have multiple tickets open at one time. As a result, the conversation must continue in the new thread in order to communicate with the respective ticket.

Linking an Existing Ticket in ConnectWise PSA 

After your Tixt account is configured, you will notice a new Send Notes as Tixt pod on all saved tickets. (New tickets must be saved before the pod appears). This pod is similar in appearance to the out-of-the-box Send Notes as Email pod in ConnectWise PSA. With respect to the rules, the Send Notes as Tixt pod can be used to convert existing tickets to SMS Tickets simply by checking any combination of the Contact, Resources, or Cc checkboxes. Please note you must add at least one Resource or Cc’d contact when checking those options. (SMS Tickets created from a text message will have the Contact option checked by default.) 

There are three contact options within the Send Notes as Tixt pod:

  1. Contact -There can be only one Contact on an SMS Ticket. The Contact Name and Phone Number in the Company pod on the ticket will be applied as the Contact in the Send Notes as Tixt pod. If the Contact box is checked, then Tixt will send SMS messages to the Contact number. Note: Due to limitations in the ConnectWise PSA Hosted API, the ticket will need to be saved twice when changing either the Ticket Contact Name or Phone Number. This limitation requires the ticket to be saved after the contact information in the Send Notes as Tixt pod has updated.

  2. Resources - When the Resources checkbox is checked, all resources on the ticket will receive notes as SMS messages. Note: If the resource was added to the ticket but not saved (i.e. the Email Resource pop up has not been handled), then the ticket may need to be saved twice.

  3. Cc: - When the Cc checkbox is checked, all Contacts added will receive notes as SMS messages. To add a Contact, simply type into the “Type to search for contacts” input and click on a result. The pod will search for contacts by contact name or number and show all results tagged as “phone” type communication records in ConnectWise PSA. The results will load as:  Company | Contact Name | Phone Number | Communication Type. 

When someone is added to the ticket conversation mid-thread, i.e. someone is added to the Send Notes as Tixt pod after the conversation has already started on that ticket, the newly added person will receive an initial introductory text to notify them that they have been added to the ticket conversation.

For international support, the "Send Notes as Tixt" pod will automatically attempt to format phone numbers to the E.164 ITU-T recommendation. If a ConnectWise PSA Contact/Resource record has a Country established, Tixt will validate the provided phone number against the country and return the E.164 formatted number. If the record has no Country, or the number is an invalid format for the established Country, Tixt will attempt to validate the number against the Country code used when signing up for Tixt. If both validations fail, the number will NOT be formatted to the E.164 format.

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