"Failed to format contact number to E.164. Please set Country on Contact"

 E.164 is a way of formatting phone numbers.  We convert numbers to E.164 format to remove ambiguity (i.e.: so we can determine if +1-860-555-1212, 555-1212, 860-555-1212, 8605551212, etc. are all the same thing or not.)

For international support, the "Send Notes as Tixt" pod will automatically attempt to format phone numbers to the E.164 ITU-T recommendation. If a ConnectWise PSA Contact/Resource record has a Country established, Tixt will validate the provided phone number against the country and return the E.164 formatted number. If the record has no Country, or the number is an invalid format for the established Country, Tixt will attempt to validate the number against the Country code used when signing up for Tixt. If both validations fail, the number will NOT be formatted to the E.164 format.

The error message is about this conversion.

You can fix this two ways.
  1. Update the phone number on the contacts on that ticket to full E.164 format
  2. Make sure the contacts on that ticket all have the correct country selected.
This should fix the issue!

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