Webroot Global Site Manager (Webroot Console) Configuration

Webroot Global Site Manager (Webroot Console) Configuration

Before using the Integration, you must ensure that the Webroot Global Site Manager is configured to allow access to the REST API.

  • You must have a Webroot Global Site Manager Super Admin account.

  • You must have a Webroot Global Site Manager API Client Credentials.

  • Internet Access: An internet connection is required.

Configuration of a Webroot Super Admin

To setup a Super Admin in the GSM console, navigate to “Admins” and click the “Add” button. Enter the required information and click Add. 

Configuration of Webroot Client Credentials

Navigate to the “Settings” tab, then to API Access sub-tab. Click the “New” button and enter a Name and Description. Important – Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret. It is not possible to look up the Client Secret at a later date and it will be required for API access. After you have noted the Client Secret, click the “I have made note of the client secret” to close the window.

You will need client ID, client secret and GSM parent key further when configuring the Webroot integration.

It is strongly recommended to give each integration that uses GSM API its own set of client credentials. Following this practice will result in faster performance and more security.

It is recommended to use a name and description that will indicate that this credential set is used for this integration.

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