Platform improvements

Please note that this article applies only to Gozynta Mobius.

Please find the improvements that have been released in the latest update below:

  1. Better Unicode support throughout the application (resolves some infrequently encountered bugs with special characters in some parts of the application).

  2. Container-based hosting for improved security, performance, and reliability.

  3. Usage of the ConnectWise PSA REST API. The SOAP API that the current version was using is deprecated by ConnectWise PSA and won't be supported in the future.

  4. Better backend logging - we get alerts on unexpected errors so, in many cases, we can resolve errors before they're even reported to us. 

The behind the scenes changes in this release are the biggest part. As we updated our hosting and development framework we've been able to incorporate a lot more best practices into our process including automated testing and continuous integration will allow us to release future updates more quickly with fewer errors. It's not as easy to tell from the outside, but since we separated from Mobius Works in 2018 we've looked at how we do everything with an eye towards improvement. Mobius Connect has moved from a neglected piece of software that ConnectWise PSA asked us to build to the industry-leading integration for Quick Books Online and we plan to reinforce that lead with Gozynta Mobius.

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