Improved error messages/error handling

Please note that this article applies only to Gozynta Mobius.

Please find the improvements that have been released in order to facilitate troubleshooting in the latest update below:

  1. Quite a few improved/clarified error messages to make it easier to resolve issues with mismatched data.

  2. Fix bug where QuickBooks drops taxes from an invoice if the user hasn't completed their tax setup yet (US only). We now verify that the tax amount was saved as we sent it and when it isn't we remove the incorrect invoice and report an error to the user.

  3. Add warning when creating an item without a COGS account to preempt later problems receiving those items. Items without a COGS account can't be received, and it's no fun fixing lots of them later on when you could've fixed the GL mapping earlier.

  4. Batch data view in the task log screen shows the data that we've received from ConnectWise PSA. This gives you a tool to determine when a data issue is because of bad data from ConnectWise PSA (usually a GL mapping issue), or if it's related to how we're interpreting the data.

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