Sage 300 Configuration

The following configuration must be done on your Sage 300 software before using the integration application.

Configuration of a Sage 300 Login

You will need to provide a Sage 300 Username/Password when using the integration program. This user will be the user that creates the various transactions in Sage 300. In order to allow for these transactions to be created, the user will need to be set up in a security group with certain security privileges. You may create a new user and security group specifically for this integration, or use an existing user, so long as the security group is granted access to at least the following options:

  • Accounts Payable

    • Vendor Maintenance

    • Invoice Batch Entry

  • Accounts Receivable

    • Customer Maintenance 

    • Invoice Entry

  • General Ledger

    • Journal Entry

In order to assign these security privileges to a user, you must take the following steps:

  1. Create a Security Group with at least the privileges shown above in Administrative Services > Security Groups.

  2. Assign the user to that security group in Administrative Services > User Authorizations.

Please reference your Sage 300 documentation for more information regarding setting up user security.

Installation of Sage 300 Workstation and .NET Libraries

For the integration application to be able to connect to your Sage 300 server, you must ensure that the Sage 300 Workstation and .NET Libraries are installed and configured to connect to the Sage 300 server. These software packages are both installed onto the Sage 300 server as part of the default Sage 300 server installation.

To run the integration application on a system that is not the server, you must have the Sage 300 Workstation installed on the system. The installation for this software is typically found in the Sage 300 Programs directory as “WSSetup\setup.exe”. Consult your Sage 300 documentation for more information on installing the Sage 300 Workstation software.

After the Sage 300 Workstation is installed, the Sage 300 .NET Libraries must be installed. The installation program for this can be found in the Sage 300 Programs directory as “runtime\smdotnet.exe”.

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