How to Log in to Mobius Connect the first time.

Logging In

The first time you run the application, you will be prompted for your Dynamics SL, SQL Server, and ConnectWise Manage credentials. They will be retained on the Login screen for your convenience when you run the application the next time.

  1. Enter the following Dynamics SL information in the Login screen: 

  • Database Server – This is the name of your SQL database server that Dynamics SL uses to store data. When the login screen opens, the integration will gather a list of available database servers which can be accessed via the dropdown. If your database server is not found, it simply means your SQL Server Browser service is not running. In this case, you can enter the database server name manually.

  • System Database: This is the System database in use by Dynamics SL. By convention, the system database generally has the word “system” in it.

  • DynamicsSL Version: This is a list of Dynamics SL versions that the integration supports. The version number is listed in Dynamics SL under “About Microsoft Dynamics SL”.

  • Company ID: This is the numerical identifier for your Dynamics SL company database. This value can be found by logging in to Dynamics SL and hovering over the company name in the top right corner.

  • Username & Password: This is a username and password for an account that has sufficient privileges in Dynamics SL.

  • SQL Server Auth: Select “Windows NT Authentication” to access SQL Server with the current Windows user credentials. Select “SQL Server Authentication” to provide SQL Server Login ID and Password.

  • SQL Login ID: (SQL Server Authentication) The SQL Server Login ID.

  • SQL Password: (SQL Server Authentication) The SQL Password for the SQL Server Login ID.

  1. Enter the following ConnectWise Manage information in the Login screen: 

  • Site: The domain name of the Manage site. For example, “”. 

  • Company ID: Your company database ID as assigned by Manage

  • Auth Type: Select the method of Authentication setup in Configuration of Manage Login

    • MemberImpersonation: If using MemberImpersonation AuthType, enter your Member, Integrator User, and Integrator Pass

    • APIKey: If using APIKey AuthType, enter your Public Key and Private Key

  1. Save Password – Check this box if you would like your Dynamics SL and Manage passwords saved for the next time you run the application. 

  2. Click Login.

Your passwords will be encrypted using Window's built-in cryptography system. Therefore, the saved password will only be allowed to be used by the currently logged in user on the same machine.

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