How to map product item type in Sage 50 US

Product Item Type

There are 4 different Item Types in Sage: Inventory, Non-Stock Item, Description Only, and Service. In Manage, there 4 different "Type Xref" values from which to choose when defining a  Product Type: Inventory Part, Non-Inventory Part, Other Charge, and Service. These XRef values dictate which item type will be created in Sage. The following table illustrates these mappings.

The "Type Xref" can be set in Manage Setup Tables > Product Types.

Sage 50 has 4 Product Types:

  1. Inventory

  2. Non-Stock

  3. Service

  4. Description Only

How will this affect my Chart of Accounts?

Here's our detailed answer:
There are four Item Types in Sage that map to four Item Types in CW:
  • Sage > CW
    1. Stock > Inventory Part
    2. Non-Stock > Non-Inventory Part
    3. Service > Service
    4. Description > Other Charge

The first 3 types use the Inventory Asset account:

  • Purchase (Item Receipt)
    • Accounts Payable Credit
    • Inventory Debit
  • Sale (AR Invoice)
    • Inventory Credit
    • COGS Debit
    • Revenue Credit
    • Accounts Receivable  Debit

The last type does not use the Inventory Asset Account:

  • Purchase (Item Receipt)
    • Accounts Payable  Credit
    • COGS  Debit
  • Sale (AR Invoice)
    • Revenue Credit
    • Accounts Receivable  Debit
So, if you would like to hit COGS immediately and skip the Inventory Asset account, i.e. not use products in Sage, then please use the Other Charge Item Type in ConnectWise. 

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