Mapping Item Receipts (Sage 50 CA)

Item receipts in Manage can be mapped to Sage 50 Canada in one of two ways by enabling or disabling the “Vendor Invoice Number” module. To enable/disable the Vendor Invoice Number module, on the integration’s main window, go to Options > View Modules.

This will open the Modules window where you should see the “Vendor Invoice Number Module”. In the bottom of this window is a checkbox to enable/disable this module.

With the Vendor Invoice Number Module Disabled

By default, this module is NOT enabled. The default behavior of the integration when handling Item Receipts is to use the Manage “PO Number” as the Payable Invoice “Invoice Number” in Sage. The “Invoice Received” flag will NOT be set, and the “Invoice Number” label will read “Reference No.”

If you always use the Vendor Invoice Number in Manage, then you may want to enable the Vendor Invoice Number Module. Enabling the module will require activating “Order Numbers” on the Sage Purchases Journal interface. To do so in Sage, go to Setup > Settings > Company > Features and check “Orders for Suppliers” under “My Company Uses.”

With the Vendor Invoice Number Module Enabled

When the Vendor Invoice Number Module is enabled, the integration will use the Manage “Vendor Invoice #” field as the Payable Invoice “Invoice Number” in Sage. The Sage Payable Invoice “Invoice Received” flag will be set, and the Manage “PO Number” will be saved to the Payable Invoice “Order No.” field.

Please Note: When using the Vendor Invoice Number Module, extra validations are activated to ensure that all Manage Item Receipts have a Vendor Invoice Number, and that “Order Numbers” have been turned on for your Sage Purchases Journal interface.

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