Select a Batch ID

Once you select the transactions that you want to export in the batch, you must pick a Batch Number.

ConnectWise recommends that you use a separate batch for Invoice, Expense, and Inventory transactions. In order to ensure that your batch numbers stay unique and easy to understand, a naming convention is also recommended. A common naming convention might be the date, initials of the person running the batch, and the type of batch being run. For example, if John Doe were to run three batches on January 1st of 2013, he might run the integration three times with the following batch numbers:

  • 20130101JD-I (Used for all invoice transactions)

  • 20130101JD-E (Used for all reimbursable expense transactions)

  • 20130101JD-P (Used for all inventory transactions. “P” stands for “Procurement”)

Determine which Batch Number you wish to use and type it into the “Batch Number” field.

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