If you have Products in Manage that you keep track of, then the “Product” field on the Procurement > Product Catalog screen in Manage must be consistent with the “Product Code” field on the Modules > Products screen in Sage 50 Accounts. 

If a Product in Manage (on an Invoice or PO) is not found in Sage 50 Accounts, it will be automatically created. 

To accomplish this proceed with the following steps:

First, to create products, we need a bit more information from ConnectWise; so, the Inventory and COGS Accounts will need to be populated. Here's what you do:

  1. Go to Setup Tables > GL Accounts
  2. Find all Account Types for Products
  3. In each Product account type, please fill in the Inventory and COGS accounts

Once those fields have been updated, then you should be good to go!

Please note that the integration does not support serialization of products; so, any serialized products in Manage will be created in Sage 50 Accounts as non-serialized.

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