GL Accounts

The “Account” field on the System > Setup Tables > GL Accounts table in Manage must be consistent with the “N/C” field on the Modules > Nominal Ledger screen in Sage 50 Accounts. Note that Accounts will not be automatically created in Sage 50 Accounts if they are not found. An error message will be raised when attempting to push transactions.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are the US terms used typically for the Debtors Control Account and Creditors Control Account respectively. Likewise, Sales Tax Payable is typically the Sales Tax Control Account.

Note: Certain Nominal Codes cannot be used on Transactions. If you receive an error during batch with the message This nominal code is a control account. To post this transaction, you must enter a valid nominal code that is not a control account, please review the GL Entries for the transactions posting out of ConnectWise Manage to ensure none of the Sage 50 UK control accounts are in use. To view the list of current control accounts in Sage 50 UK, navigate to Settings > Control Accounts. See the Sage 50 documentation on control accounts for more detail.

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