Feature Release - 02/06/2019: Mobius Connect for QuickBooks Online and ConnectWise PSA

Feature Release

Mobius Connect for QuickBooks Online
and ConnectWise PSA

Release Date: February 6, 2019
Versions Affected: QuickBooks Online

Release Notes

We have received your feedback, and, together with ConnectWise, we will be releasing the following features:

Updated Invoice Line Amounts 

We will be moving the Unit Price/Rate field in QuickBooks Online to the memo field of the corresponding invoice line. The quantity and the extended amount will remain the same. This will resolve the differences between the rounding methods of ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online, i.e. the "Amount is not equal to UnitPrice * Qty" error.

Enhanced Tax Mapping

For non-US Intuit Accounts, we have enhanced the mapping configuration for taxes. Your existing mappings will remain intact, but the integration will now validate that each tax code in ConnectWise PSA has the same number of tax levels as the corresponding tax code in QuickBooks Online. Please note: If you are a non-US partner with existing Tax Mappings that do not meet this requirement, then you will need to reconfigure it. This feature can be found under Set Up QuickBooks Online > [Your Company] > Taxes:

Automated Batch Splitting

We have added a feature that will now allow you to batch more transactions at once. During the batching process, the integration will divide the transactions into sub-batches of 100 transactions each. These sub-batches will be displayed in the task log. This feature can be found on all of the batching screens under Run a New Batch:

Details for Patches

The following patches are included in this update:

  • Patch #200821: UnitPrice/Rate update on invoice lines
  • Patch #200620: Enhanced Tax Mapping for non-US partners
  • Patch #004976: Automated splitting of batches

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